Gürmen Group

We laid the foundations of the Gürmen Group in London, yet in order to produce for the homeland, we invested in our country and developed it to its present level. The Group focuses on medium- and long-term growth by focusing on innovation, value added products in all sectors and increasing market diversity. The Gürmen Group will continue to offer the best products in all of its fields of activity with its ever-growing entrepreneurial spirit and innovative perspective, by focusing on the satisfaction of its customers as well as its employees and business partners through healthy and sustainable growth.

Gökkale Agriculture and Livestock

Founded in 2006 as a part of Gürmen Group, Gökkale Agriculture aims to become an important brand by producing high-quality and healthy products in the agriculture and livestock sector.
A modern greenhouse facility with a covered area of 150,000 m2 was built on a total site of 225,000 m2 in Sultanhisar, Aydın in 2009 and started to grow tomatoes in soilless culture. The company obtained the ISO-22000-GLOBAL GAP good agriculture practices certification and begun exporting 60% of its products to Netherlands, Germany, and Russia while supplying the remaining 40% to the domestic market under Gökkale and Enjoy brands, with an emphasis on providing healthy and reliable food. In 2012, a 1,160 decare walnut orchard was established in Susurluk and Erdek, Balıkesir, and a production plan was made. In 2011, Ortaş Tarım Tic. AŞ was founded in Karacasu, Aydın, to create the biggest olive orchard under single title deed in Turkey. On an area of 1,200,000 m2 special Arbequina, Koroneiki, and Arbosana cultivars that were imported from Spain were planted, and a special irrigation pond and a drip irrigation system were set up. On the remaining areas, domestic cultivars of Gemlik, Manzanilla, Memecik and Ayvalık were planted, aiming to produce high-quality olive oil through unique methods.
In 2018, we started to cultivate Arbequina and Gemlik olive seedlings using shoots cut from our own olive orchard. Since 2018, we have been proudly presenting our high-polyphenol cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil under the brands of Vievi and Gökkale.

Gürmen Group